About Us

We know how difficult it is to move entire contents of your home to another. Showcase Billiard Service is here to assist you with moving your pool table. Showcase serves customers throughout the state, from the Rockies to the plains, so no matter where you’re located we can help. If you’re not sure of the size of table you have we also can assist with that.

When it comes to fabric, Showcase Billiard Service can assist you in making a decision on whether or not the pool tables cloth needs replacing. Sometimes customers replace their fabric to match interior decoration, or to upgrade from recreational to tournament quality cloth. If the table’s to be moved from one location to another, we recommend fabric replacement at that time (if necessary) to save the extra cost of re-covering at a later date.

Have you noticed your pool table has lost some of its “spunk” when shooting a game? Are the balls not bouncing off the bumpers the way they used to? Showcase Billiard Service can assess the situation for you by doing a quick check of the rubber with a standardized measuring device specifically aimed at rubber elasticity. On occasion, the cause of inconsistency can be simple as a detached bumper which usually can be re-glued on site at far less cost than total bumper replacement. Either way we have you covered (or “bumpered”).

Is your pool table in need of some TLC? Were you able to get a “steal” on a used table but know some parts may be missing or broken? Showcase Billiard Service is here to relieve some of the stress you may encounter with your pool table. We work with industry leaders around the country who know a thing or two about pool table repair/restoration/replacement. No matter what age your table might be, 1 year or 100, we have the expertise to assist you in making your table play ‘like a million bucks’ just like it was brand new all over again. If nothing more than a re-level is required, Showcase can usually turn around this procedure 24 hours after scheduling.

If you are planning on replacing your flooring in the recreation room and need some assistance with moving the pool table around without the need of taking it completely apart, Showcase has an option available to you. If the room is large enough, we can bring our heavy-duty platform dollies out and place the table on them for you to simply roll the table to one side of the room. Once the section where the table sits is completed with new flooring, the flooring installers simply roll the table back to the original location, we then come back out and remove the dollies and re-level the pool table.

Showcase Billiard Service knows how helpless one can feel when unplanned events such as flood, fire, and foundation settling wreak havoc in the home. We work with Colorado’s leading disaster restoration companies to alleviate the situation as quick and painless as possible. If on occasion restoration is avoidable but you still need a quick dismantle, call us and we’ll be sure to make you a top priority.

In order to better serve you, it is important that a few questions be answered prior to us servicing your pool table. The most important measurement is the size of the pool table. We have conveniently placed a graphic that will assist you (and us) in determining what size you have. Once this is established, the next question involves making sure that the table is three (3) pieces of slate or one (1). One piece slate pool tables are very expensive to move and require the assistance of four (4) men instead of two (2) to move. Other important questions that will help us help you is if the table is antique (over 60 years old), which requires special tools and experience. Ball returns also require extra time to disassemble unlike drop pockets which have baskets that catch the ball instead of following tracks to a hopper style system such as a bar or coin operated table has.